Not Paying Attention

Hellooooo! Stop ignoring me!!

Hellooooo! Stop ignoring me!!

I read Tarot.

It’s not a lifetime calling–I bought my first deck about five years ago, when I was interested in writing for the Ellora’s Cave “Torrid Tarot” series.  I decided not to pursue that, but I got hooked on the Tarot cards.  It took me a little while to find the deck that “speaks to me,” but, once I did, it sort of fell into place.

Like most readers, I can’t really do a full reading for myself.  It’s impossible to be objective.  But I do draw a single card each day and consider its implications and lessons for the day, sort of like reading your horoscope, only way more specific.

Some Tarot cards are subject to a lot of interpretation.  Some are completely unambiguous.

I did something today that has only happened perhaps twice before in five years–I drew the same card as yesterday. Yesterday, I made note of the card, but I got busy and didn’t take the time to think about its meaning.

You see, it was a Knight, and Knights are warning cards.  Not warnings about dire events–nothing like that. They’re more warnings about avoiding destructive personal tendencies.

Like the tendency to not pay attention to truths I don’t want to hear.

So, after ignoring my card yesterday,  I drew it again today.  And I took that as a sign (don’t ask me from what or whom–I’m the least metaphysical Tarot reader on the planet) that I should listen to the Knight’s message.

His annoying, relentless, pain-in-the-ass message.

I hate Knights. (Grumbles.)

The Knight of Wands is the classic “Too Much of a Good Thing” card.  It reminds me that it’s good to be fearless but bad to be foolhardy.  That my sense of adventure can lead me to wonderful discoveries, or right off the edge of a cliff.  That the same qualities that make me charming can also make me insensitive. That my self-assurance can make me annoyingly cocky. That my passion can get me into trouble.


There is another school of thought about Knights — it’s that they MIGHT be a warning that we’ve been ignoring our nature.  In other words, that a little dose of the Knight’s reckless charm might be just the thing to pull me out of a rut.

Drop it back a gear, Sir Knight!

Drop it back a gear, Sir Knight!

I think I prefer that interpretation. Yeah. Go for it.

Of course, I could be being impulsive.  The Knight can be part of a Court Card pair.  Let me draw another card, just to see if that happens.

And…Yes, I drew another Court Card — a Queen of Cups. A queen is usually a moderating force against a Knight–a stabilizer.  And a Cup is a Calming influence against a Wand, and a reminder to be more tender than passionate.  Water to Fire.


Okay, Mr. Knight, you made your point.  I’m paying attention.  Really.

P.S.  The winner of Monday’s contest is…COMMENTER #9:  KAREN.  Congratulations.



  1. Yeah, sometimes you just can’t ignore the message *grin* BTW, what deck is that? It looks gorgeous.

  2. Hmm. A warning about destructive tendencies? Is someone overdoing? No, not you. 🙂 🙂

  3. Interesting interpretation. I have a lot of years of experience with tarot, reading, writing, teaching (as Cerridwen iris Shea), and every day, one learns something new, which is why the tarot is so wonderful.

    Is that the actual card you pulled? From that deck? I’m getting something different from that card — don’t know if it’s useful (if not, ignore it). The wands, to me, symbolize identity, building, shifting, adn the knight is warning, if you like, that it’s time to take the new identity, new sense of self that’s been developed over the past months, out into the world. You’ve nurtured something along, kept it safe and protected, and now it’s time to take it out in public. There’s a strength and a steadiness in the stance on the card, and the color choices in that particular card (red for forward motion and sense of self) speak to me even more strongly about it.

  4. Maybe there’s something helpful you can meld with what you’ve gotten. Maybe not.

    Gorgeous deck — I’ve been looking at it off and on for awhile. i think I’ll have to get it.

  5. Well, the last interpretation might be more enjoyable… I say go with that.

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