Oh eye-eye-eye’m dreaming…

I live alone, I’m single, and I don’t have kids.  You’d think I would be one of those people who are depressed by Christmas, but that’s just not the case.

I drive around looking for neighborhoods with good light displays.  I listen to stations that play Christmas music exclusively.  I decorate.  I  make egg nog.  And I try to watch as many versions of A Christmas Carol as I can find (I don’t have a preference; each has elements I like).  My current favorite Christmas song is Eartha Kitt’s version of Santa Baby, but that may change tomorrow.

Did I mention I can recite the entire text of How the Grinch Stole Christmas by heart?

I know I post the following video every year, but I am helpless to resist it.  I’ve watched it dozens of times, but still find new things.  Like how, right after Santa repeats the phrase “the snow,” it starts to snow.  And how the white reindeer first puts one hand, er, I mean hoof over his heart, then another.  Which is a pretty good trick, since he’s not standing upright.